Do you pasteurize your kombucha?

No, real kombucha is not pasteurized. Many consumers and industry professionals agree that heat treating kombucha invalidates the benefits.

Do you add probiotics whether powdered or freeze-dried?

No, our probiotics are derived the way nature intended, 100% from the natural fermentation process.

I heard kombucha is actually not a probiotic or does not have the positive benefits if you do not add in probiotics?

This is completely false. Our strains of yeast and bacteria (S. Boulardii and Lactobacillus) have been extensively researched and proven to pass through the highly acidic environment of the intestinal tract to the gut where it flourishes and duplicates.

Kombucha does not have any health benefits, is that true?

100% False. While not all kombucha is created equal, we use proprietary strains that have documented benefits. The specific acids produced during our natural fermentation process provide a host of benefits.

Why does yours taste so different?

Firstly, launching in New Orleans, a city renowned for its culinary skills, we knew it had to taste good! We spent years developing a consumer-friendly, easy drinking taste profile with our specific strain of bacteria and yeast.

How long is it fermented?

Anywhere between 14-30 days.

What do you ferment in?

We ferment in small batches using only stainless steel tanks—we never use plastic.

What is a mother or a scoby?

The scoby or “mother” as it is sometimes called stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast - think of it as the byproduct of healthy fermentation.

Is it mushroom tea?

No. Kombucha is not associated in any way with fungus or mushrooms.

Does it contain alcohol?

Kombucha contains a trace amount of alcohol due to natural fermentation. Per FDA regulations, Big Easy Bucha is considered a non-alcoholic beverage.

Can pregnant women and children drink it?

Since every person’s physiology is unique, we always encourage expecting moms and parents to consult with their physicians. However, many pregnant women and kids consume kombucha without issue.

Does is contain caffeine?

Yes – Big Easy Bucha 16oz bottles contain 33mg while Lil Easy’s contain 8mg.

Why is Lil’ Easy concentrated?

We longer age our Lil’ Easy kombucha, resulting in a concentrated, delightfully tart flavor profile.

Is it low in sugar?

Yes! Big Easy Bucha is one of the lowest sugar kombuchas on the market.

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What is tepache?

Beloved in Mexico where we discovered this delicious drink, tepache is a probiotic-rich fruit beverage typically made with pineapple.

How is tepache different than kombucha?

Kombucha utilizes a different culture (healthy bacteria and yeast) and base ingredients (think sweet tea) plus incorporates a longer fermentation process, resulting in a taste profile that skews more tart than sweet.

Is tepache sparkling?

Yes, Big Easy Tepache is a delightfully fizzy, fruity drink, making it an excellent soda replacement.

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Why do my shots look separated?

Since we do not use any artificial additives or binders, separation is common with real juice, since fruits and vegetables have variable densities. 

Should I shake these before consuming?

We suggest a gentle roll instead of a vigorous shake.

What’s the best time of day to consume shots?

Anytime! Many customers tell us that they start off their day with our shots, and some also use them as a pick-me-up in the afternoon. 

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